ABOUT becky

Becky Bell is a Bristol based Director, Camera operator and Editor. She is a resourceful team player but also confident producing films from script to screen.

Her skill-set is versatile; she is an accomplished self-shooter and is adaptable to any setting.

With over a decade of experience she has filmed abroad in countries such as Palestine, Sudan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and South Korea.  

She finds beauty in the otherwise ordinary and is passionate about telling the stories of those who find it hard to be heard.

A proud advocate of inclusion and disability rights, she has worked on numerous films with disadvantaged young people.

​She approaches all projects with originality, passion and tenacity.


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Becky’s Kit


Canon C300 camera kit

Karl Zeiss 50mm 1.4

Canon EF zoom 24mm – 70mm 2.8

Senheisser G4 radio Mics

Rode NTG4 directional Mic 

2 x LED bi Colour Panel Lights

Manfrotto tripod

Zoom H4N recorder

Macbook Pro with card readers